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A dancers in comparison to JYJ. However as we have noticed the physical aesthetic in Korean and even on dozens of medical height and weight charts the boys don8217;t match up, at 58217;9-68217;0 there weight range should be at about 140-160 which isn8217;t that large for men because men are suppose to mainly comprised of lean muscle mass. I am sure we have noticed in comparison to the boys two years ago and now the boys have lost a lot of muscle massweight; probably from stress and re-launching themselves on to the music scene as JYJ. Example the number of times fans are telling the boys to eat, and the number of times they tarantallegra xiah junsu vietsub we got getting sick, a lot more than often. Yoochun may have a smaller frame but Junsu and Jaejoong don8217;t8230. actually based off of their height and shoulder span they have medium built frames they themselves even say so. Its just really getting frustrating seeing comments on youtube and fan pages, just spewing negativity from fans or trolls calling Junsu fat, or going on about Jaejoong8217;s perm etc its just like there is so much more to JYJ then their appearance, why cant people just appreciate their music. Thanks for this fanaccount and THANK YOU JYJ3 (for everything8230;) thank u for these awesome articles n i musica fisarmonica allegra with the others in above about the images of the dancer. ¬GOOD.

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Childen's Allegra Liquid.

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