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Research was part of the creative and decision-making process in the production of the show and was integrated into all aspects and its home-based setting is familiar to American children but has a look, unlike other childrens TV shows. A live production of Blues Clues, which used many of the innovations developed by the shows creators. As of 2002, over 2 tarantallegra album lyrics search people bula antistax 360 mg allegra attended over 1,000 performances, by 2002, Blues Clues had received several awards for excellence in childrens programming, educational software, and licensing, and had been nominated for nine Emmy Awards. It has been syndicated in 120 countries and translated into 15 languages, regional versions of the show featuring local hosts have been produced in other countries. It was one of the first preschool shows to incorporate American Sign Language into its content, the shows extensive use of research in its development and production process inspired several research studies that have provided evidence for its effectiveness as a learning tool.

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