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While nowadays most idol groups are failing at random play dance (not being rude loool, just a funny thought). it proves that he is a genius dancer. i also cry when he dances to dbsk songs ahhh!. every cassie must relate to rsllegrare :(. âduring every performance, i would tell myself that âi am the bestâ.

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A footnote concerning the change and a link to the original strip can be found underneath the revised version. While not as offensive as the first, the incident where Nina stole her sister's body was also met with criticism from the readers. She hijacked Layla's body, offered to let Blair feel her upthen used it to go on a date with her sister's boyfriend, Kade - simply because Layla poked fun at her. Making it an egregious case of Disproportionate Retribution.

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A pesar de que se abordĂ el riesgo de pĂrdida de identidad a costa de ganar mĂs dinero con la exportaciĂn del Carnaval, se dejĂ esa decisiĂn y otros puntos anticipados para el final de las cuatro jornadas, ya que en los prĂximos encuentros de los sĂbados 14, 21 y 28 de octubre se profundizarĂn otros aspectos: Carnaval como patrimonio, oportunidades, de quĂ modo se debe potenciar y difundir lo nuestro, escenarios (garajes y calle), mĂsica, protagonistas, barrios, mujeres, juventud y provincias, etc.]