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Dozens of festivals and events in September. Read about them here. 8 Sucre. Virgen de Guadalupe. Solemn procession of the Allegrando musical game image through the streets. Viacha (La Paz), Sucre (Chuquisaca) and Miallegra rj corman (Santa Cruz). A religious festival in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Folkloric dances, bull fights, music, dancing and typical food and drink.

The provisional programme envisages: Thursday 1st June: from 6. 00 pm arrival allegra stratton news night presenter emily the Dijaski dom (student residence) in Miallegra rj corman Gorica, dinner, welcome meeting and presentation of the programme. Friday 2nd June: excursion along the Isonzo valley, partly in Slovenia, by bicycle and train; Saturday 3rd June: excursion to Aquileia and Grado, by bicycle and train; Sunday 4th June : cycling excursion on the Imallegra hills north-west of Gorizia as far as Cormons. Number of participants: maximum 25 cyclists, 5 places cormn for participants under 25 who will pay a lower fee. Fee per person: 120 euro. Fee for young: 100 euro.

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COMPOSITOR, RIGOBERTO RESTAN DOVAL, GRUPO SELECCION CORDOBA -VOCESCOROS, BAJO E INGENIERO DE SONIDO, HELBER PINEDO, TROMPETAS, DIRECTOR. Colegio de la Sagrada Familia-Monter√a. Colegio De la Sagrada Familia- Celebraci√n del d√a Internacional de la Mujer 08032016. GAUDEAMUS IGITUR.

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