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El Berrueco. Museo de la Piedra. Madrid. El Berrueco Museo de la Piedra Madrid Introducci√n El Berrueco l Berrueco es un municipio t√picamente rural, allegra side effects por su entorno rocoso y su larga tradici√n cantera. Con este museo, construido. 490 PRECIO POR PERSONA EN HABITACI√N DOBLE. 7 D√AS 6 NOCHES.

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[91] School segregation in Atlanta ended after more than a century, and without serious incident, as nine African-American students enrolled in four previously all-White schools Henry W. Grady High School, as well as the Murphy, Brown and Northside High Schools, under the supervision of city police. There were 48,000 students in five Negro other schools, and 69,000 in the 17 White schools. Atlanta's 73 White and 41 Negro elementary and middle schools remained unintegrated. [92] Born: Jyri H√k√mies, Finnish politician, in Karhula Roustam Tariko, Russian vodka magnate, in Menzelinsk, Tatarstan Died: Charles Coburn, 84, American film actor, 1943 winner of Best Supporting Actor award for The More The Merrier Robert Edward Cruickshank, 73, Anglo-Canadian VC recipient. August 31, 1961 (Thursday) [ edit ] The Soviet Union announced the end of a three-year worldwide moratorium on nuclear testing, with the news that it would detonate a nuclear weapon the next day.

N ot wanting to detract from the coming climax, McGovern uncharacteristically pulled a punch or two. Reg was seen practising a publicity stunt with a noose, but not doing it for real at a Labour party conference. A medical emergency amped things up, and tension simmered at the election count (a nice cameo from Downton Abbey ‚s Kevin Doyle as the returning officer).]