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After considerable work between 1624 l operetta la vedova allegra cast 1626 by the basilica‚s new organ builder and technician Ennio Bonifazi, the nephew of Armodio Maccioni, the organ was removed from its previous location and placed on the screen between the Cappella Clementina and the new canons‚ choir, so that it could sound into both chapels (the new fa√ade faced into the Clementina, the old buffet into the Cappella del Coro: Lunelli 1958, 82-86). [63] On the feast of St. Gregory, 12 March 1626, the restored organ was inaugurated, presumably by Frescobaldi, in its new site. According to Amici: ‚This morning after Terce at the altar of St. Gregory the Great the Mass of the said Saint was sung with the customary music, and the organ of the new Choir, which responds toward the Choir and toward the said altar of St. Gregory, was played for the vedova allegra costume rental time. ‚ [64] A month later Urban VIII came down to the basilica and ‚heard the new organ which succeeded very well‚ (‚intese l‚organo nuovo che riusc√ molto bene‚). [65] On 1 May 1626 the Chapter celebrated the translation of the relics of St. John Chrysostom to the altar of their new Cappella del Coro, consecrated on July 22, with a polychoral mass.

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VIA DEL CORSO PIAZZA DEL POPOLO ROMA (23, 25, 2, 29, 2111, 1 PIAZZA MADONNA DEI MONTI PIAZZA MADONNA DEI MONTI 2112, ROMA 2113) Superfice mq. Ubicazione. Ubicazione Superfice mq Numero Autorizzazzione Corso d'italia 104 0,90 112915 panchina CAP 00198 Corso d'italia 38G-38H-38I-38L 9 125910 CAP 00198 Corso d'italia 90 2,52 197514 CAP 00198 Corso Trieste.

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