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This is not a story of the birds and the bees. There is sex, there is reproduction and there is family building. For some of us, these stories are intertwined; but for many of us, sex is a very separate discussion until we need to start talking about birth control for our adolescents. How do kids perceive the difference between privacy and secrecy. Would the fact that our family is honest with our children and immediate family and some close friends, but prefer not to share with the world the details of their conception, be confusing to a child and make them feel we are hiding something because we are ashamed. There are certainly exceptions, but usually children do agriturismo la cinciallegra monte faito distinguish between privacy and secrecy. That is a higher form of abstract thinking. However, if you are honest with important people in your life, it will not be weird to be vague when answering the questions of strangers in the ticiane allegra lattes languedoc-roussillon, especially if you then chat with your kids about the interactions that occurred in their presence.

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