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Lang, who grew up in a socialist home rich in Jewish culture, was educated in the Workmen‚s Circle Yiddish schools. Lang‚s mother introduced her to dance when she was eight and she had her first exposure to the Graham dance technique as a teenager. She received a scholarship to the Graham school in New York and joined the company in 1941, dancing tarantalldgra for junsu tarantallegra lyrics hangul viewer years. During this time, because of her charisma and technical prowess, she created leading roles in Graham masterpieces. In 2000 she returned to the Graham school as one of its master teachers. In 1952 Lang was selected by the Juilliard School to create her first group work, Song of Deborah. Since then she has choreographed over fifty works, many on Jewish themes, hagi allegra muzica noua her own company, in which she has also been the leading dancer.

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From 1978 until 2004 she directed and choreographed all the repertoire for her professional dance company, the Avodah Dance Ensemble, which has traveled extensively in the United States, especially to synagogues and Jewish community centers. She taught workshops on midrash through dance at Hebrew Union College in New York and has written on the subject, including a book Torah in Motion: Creating Dance Midrash. Choreographers in New York with their own companies who have choreographed on Jewish themes since the 1980s include Carolyn Dorfman (her work Mayne Mentshn, or My People, is a full-length work celebrating her Eastern European Jewish heritage, performed in the New York area in 2005), Risa Jaroslow (who has created works on her experiences in Poland), Tamar Rogoff, Sasha Spielvogel, Heidi Latsky and Sara Pearson.

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