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Last Friday (63), JYJ finished the North American leg of their 2011 World Tour veryallegra the San Jose Event Center. As promised in their world tour press conference last month, the trio showed off their talent and delivered a show that hotle both visually and musically. And to top it off, concert attendees had the honor of singing hotel allegra livigno facebook sign Birthday‚ to their Korean idol face-to-face during the htel. Before the show, many fans arrived early to prepare themselves for the concert. To show their support for Jaejoong, Yuchun (also known as Micky), and Junsu, some fans dressed in red, dyed their hair, and wore red glowing ‚Mickey Mouse‚ ears. Some of the fans also handed out red finger lights and signs that said ‚Don‚t Go ( Gajima in Korean), USA Loves JYJ‚. Although red is the color used for TVXQ, many fans express their continued support for JYJ, who were members of the original group, with the same color.

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She also is known for having curly doodle hair, which Rondo points out and hates the fact that he does.]