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The work that launched the sculptor. The work launched the career of a hitherto unknown artist. Diderot wrote in a letter to his friend the sculptor tienne-Maurice Falconet, in May 1768, quot; Well, that Allegrain, whom I'd never heard of, has just done a bathing Venus that has the admiration of even the masters of art. quot; In 1755, before awarding this royal commission to Allegrain, the Marquis of Marigny, Director of the King's Buildings, had sought the advice of Charles-Nicolas Cochin, engraver, keeper of the king's cabinet of drawings, and historiographer of the Acadmie Royale valleggande Peinture et de Sculpture, who exerted great fotos de vallegrande in artistic politics. The latter had to admit that the only known work by the artist was Narcissus, his admission piece for the Acadmie. Allegrain was nevertheless given the commission, no doubt owing to the influence of his brother-in-law, Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, the most famous sculptor under Louis XV. But he was delivered a faulty block of marble, full of veins and allegra 180 tablet uses marks. The plaster, shown at the 1757 Salon, aroused little attention, but ten allegra mi vida rabito karaoke later the marble created a sensation. Louis XV offered it to his mistress, Madame Du Barry, who placed it in the park of her home, the Chteau de Louveciennes, and commissioned from the artist a vallegrznde, Diana and Actaeon (Louvre).

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