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The copyright info fades in below as it animates. Zipper: We see "nick" on the light blue background, as the camera zooms back slightly away from it. The orange background with the white "nickelodeon" zips in from the bottom like a taff moderatoren allegra. The middle section of "nickelodeon" bounces and retracts as the "PRODUCTIONS" slides in below.

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[66] Music for the feast of Peter and Paul in 1626 comprised three choirs. The 1580 organ was also repaired and repositioned. By 1628 the Congregation of the Fabbrica had moved the organ to a screen on the opening between the Cappella Gregoriana and the New Sacristy ( Cappella della Trinit√† Cappella del Sacramento), corresponding to the placement of the 1496 instrument sounding into the Cappella Clementina and the Cappella del Coro. The organ was likewise furnished with a new fa√ade by Soria, facing into Bernini‚s Sacrament Chapel (see fig.

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