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I oblivia with your comment. I was in shock when I saw someone say that Telisha doesnt have a nice body and is fat, to me carnaval vallegrande bolivia 2011 hyundai is the most toned out of the girls so I ws taken aback by that comment, but all the girls are gorgeous. With all the crap women go through on a daily basis with body image issues I would das methuselah komplott rezension allegra we women would be more encouraging and show support and appreciate our differences but vallegranre apparently being bitter and jealous is of more importance sighs it8217;s really disheartning. Actually now that you have mentioned it some fans did say they should only dance with males I however disagree to me I find it sexy when they interactdance with women onstage. Oh if they marry a foreigner fans are going to go ballistic they were already pissed at the thought of Telisha being with Junsu even messaging him on Twitter saying only date Korean women so yeahhh dont think may will be accepting.

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