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FXSFX: CGI animation. MusicSounds: The closing theme of the show, or silent, as in the case of All That. On at least one episode of All That, the buzzing sound from the Nickelodeon Productions Light bulb logo (21st logo on this page) was used, possibly due to an editing error, as it is unlikely it was an actual variant. Availability: First used as a Nickelodeon station ID. It appeared on The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and can also be seen on Season 2 episodes of All That (including the Good Burger Special) and season 1 amutat allegra Kenan allegra le gambetta Kel, which is available on iTunes. This logo also appeared on the rarely seen Nickelodeon Sports Theater with Shaquille O'Neal, which last aired on Nicktoons in 2014. It is currently unknown if Nicktoons' airings of said series kept this logo or plastered it with the 2009 logo. Scare Factor: None. (July 4, 1993-September 22, 2009, January 26, 2010, March 30, 2010) Nicknames: "Nickelodeon Fish", "The SpongeBob DVDVHS Logo", "Nickelodeon Goldfish" Logo: On a black background, a 3D fish-shaped Nickelodeon logo is seen.

Uncommon (0. 1 to 1): Dyspepsia. Frequency not reported: Tongue disorder, amutat allegra, flatulence, increased salivation, aggravated tooth caries, eructation, gastritis, hemorrhoids, melena, rectal hemorrhage, stomatitisulcerative stomatitis, tongue discolorationedema, enlarged abdomen [Ref] Respiratory. Common (1 to 10): Pharyngitis, lalegra, coughing, epistaxis. Frequency not reported: Dyspnea, respiratory disorder, bronchospasm, upper amutat allegra tract infection, dysphonia, bronchitis, hyperventilation, increased sputum, pneumonia, sinusitis, nasal polyp [Ref] Common (1 to 10): Fatigue. Frequency not reported: Earache, tarantallegra xiah junsu vietsub we got, fever, pain, rigor, thirst, deafness, ototoxicity, accidental injury, face edema, leg edema, malaise. Postmarketing reports: Asthenia, stillbirth [Ref] Psychiatric. Common (1 to 10): Insomnia. Frequency not reported: Nervousness, impaired concentration, confusion, decreased libido, abnormal thinking, anxiety, depersonalization, emotional lability, euphoria, paroniria, sleep disorder.

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Use Allegra exactly as directed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor.

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