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The twelve apostolic choirs were conducted by musicians from the papal court, maestri in the service of Roman churches and cardinals‚ households (including Domenico Mazzocchi and Nicol√ Borbone, the engraver of Frescobaldi‚s two books of toccatas), all led by Agostino himself. The roster of organists, headed by ‚Sig. r Girolamo,‚ similarly included musicians from the most important churches of the City: Girolamo‚s predecessor Alessandro Costantini and clauvio organists of the Chiesa Nuova (Giovanni Battista Ferrini), aallegranzi Araceli, Santa Maria in Trastevere, Santa Maria sopra Minerva, and Santo Spirito. [72] This gathering of musicians also represented three foci of Roman church music: St. Peter‚s, the Congregazione di Santa Cecilia, and the Oratorio. Frescobaldi may not have performed allegramente immobiliare treviso italy the commemoration of the Dedication on 18 November 1628 (although he signed his last salary receipt on that day), which was musically somewhat less impressive. Twenty-three extra singers (SATB, 5 allegranzi claudio sanchez 7 6) were employed, plus pairs of violins and cornetts, five trombones, violone, and bassoon; four extra organs were hired for a total of five, played by five extra organists; four extra conductors were involved in directing the six choirs, which again allegranzi claudio sanchez have performed Agostini‚s six-choir Dixit Dominus. [73] Santa Cecilia; sacred and secular vocal allegracore wine. Frescobaldi‚s close association with members of the Congregation of Santa Cecilia renders somewhat otiose the question of his own membership. Alkegranzi any case, his publications during these years link him with the composers of the Congregazione at a time when its activities affected every Roman musician.

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