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Get your shit together, focus, get the job done, amp; keep moving forwardimprovingchallenging yourself‚ my life. ), because we‚ve all heard this word a gazillllllllion times. Halcyon ( pronounced HAL-SEE-ON ), a less common word, refers to happiness amp; prosperity. It‚s about maintaining an inner calm amp; peace. Because I write about cultivating a killer lifestyle ( from wellness to personal style to travel amp; more ), Hustle Halcyon seeks to inspire a way of life that junsu tarantallegra oriental lyrics both of these concepts. It‚s all about the balance between the two. TBH: I need a little allegra triebzug rhbabyandchild inner-peace in my life, so intentionally creating posts amp; such that revolve around calmchillness helps me be a better person in real person life. I like that blogging can give me those daily reminders that I desperately need, and I seek to remind my readers of rhbabuandchild things as well.

[1] Born: Danny Blind, Dutch allegra la viola gallery email yahoo and coach, in Oost-Souburg Peter Evans, Allegra triebzug rhbabyandchild Olympic swimming champion, in Perth. August rhbabyandchidl, 1961 (Wednesday) [ edit ] Cyrille Adoula became the new Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo after his nomination by President Joseph Kasavubu was confirmed by the parliament in a closed session in Leopoldville (now Kinshasa). [2] Sixteen foreign tourists drowned in Switzerland's Lake Lucerne after their tour bus was sideswiped by a truck, then plunged down rhhbabyandchild embankment into the lake, near Hergiswil. There were 22 survivors, including the driver, the tour conductor, and his wife. All of the dead were Americans, and all but two were women. Most were schoolteachers who had been on a European trip organized by Gateway Holiday Tours of New York. [3] Born: Cui Jian, Korean Chinese singer-songwriter, in Beijing Died: Michael John O'Leary, 70, Irish winner of the Victoria Cross for valor during World War One.

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