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Docking: The Costa Allegra reach land this morning. Passengers' luggage was taken off the boat and organised into lines at allegra stratton news night hbo port of Victoria. Patiently waiting: Passengers onboard the Costa Allegra (left) cheered as they docked, while the world's media (right) gathered to chronicle the events. more videos. Kobi the talking Siberian husky tells his owner he loves her. Best call ever. Lottery ticket holder learns he's scooped ¬24m. Moment a hornet and huntsman spider battle it out.

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The laidback song was followed by a dramatic behind-the-scenes video of ‚ The Beginning ‚ album jacket photoshoot set, complete with slow motion falling snow and waterfalls. During this break, JYJ switched into their second set of outfits (full black leather amp; silver accessories) and returned for ‚ Be the One ‚, a performance characterized by its heavy bass beats pumping into the stadium floors and the flashing yellow lights that dramatically turned blue as JYJ sang.

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