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] Pordenone - SA 13.

¬ 4 April, 1621, Palm Sunday: ‚Today at vespers they played [the organ] a half-hour early on account of the sermon. ‚ 7 April, Wednesday in Holy Week: the choirmaster ‚lengthened the beat of the lamentations 8230; two in music, and one in plainchant by a soprano, the lessons of the second and third nocturns were all sung by singers, and the Celebrant sang the last 8230; of the Responsories the greater part were sung in music [composed] by the new maestro di cappella. ‚ 18 May (St. Helen): ‚the mass was sung in music and the organ played ‚ As usual the large organ played, after vespers Compline was sung. ‚ [44] At Christmas Cardinal [Ippolito] Aldobrandini ‚sang lauds in the usual manner with organ and music. ‚ [45] Like most Roman musicians, Frescobaldi earned extra money by casual employment in Roman churches on festive occasions, as performer or as the supervising maestro di cappella.

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