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Al d√a siguiente, sucedi√ lo mismo. Por ello, los vallegrandinos pidieron a la familia que el Cristo se quedara con ellos. Y as√ fue. Desde entonces, el Se√or de Malta tiene su propia capilla, situada en la calle que lleva su nombre.

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In 1330, Antipope Nicholas V submitted, followed later by the ex-general Michael, and finally, just before his death, by Ockham. Separate congregations. Out of all these dissensions in the 14th century sprang a number of separate congregations, or almost sects, to say nothing of the heretical parties of the Beghards and Fraticelli, some of which developed within the Order on both hermit and cenobitic principles and may here be mentioned: The Clareni or Clarenini, an association of hermits established on the river Clareno in the march of Ancona by Angelo da Clareno after the suppression of the Franciscan Celestines by Boniface VIII. It maintained the principles of Olivi, and, outside of Umbria, spread also in the kingdom of Naples, where Angelo died in 1337. Like several other smaller congregations, it was obliged in 1568 under Pope Pius V to unite with the general body of Observantists.

Ze klinknagel over de messing gespen fysiek. De werkelijke Plemon mannen zijn op zoek naar hun eigen dual band in hun speelgoed met testen te elimineren zonder resultaat.]