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The new designs feature a new logo for the Flower tour including two new light sticks, big size towel, pink slogan towel, white T-shirt, redesigned pouch and canvas juro pro allegra 2400w amp, two types of key holders, and clear file set of previously unreleased photos. The new additional merchandise include a photo picket, a mug cup and an apron. The sales of the merchandise for the Tokyo shows began at 12:00PM local time for three days. In Nagoya, four new allegra print louisville ky merchandise were sold including a black slogan towel, a new type of key holder, black edition of canvas tote bag and T-shirt. A sticker set was included in the official goods list that were not previously available in cities before Nagoya. This list is representative of the sales in Osaka.

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; BORDIGNON, S. Identifica√√o das √rvores e arbusto ocorrentes na sede do Gr√mio Na√tico Uni√o, Avenida Jo√o Obino, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. 1997. BORDIGNON, S.

Variant: On the KaBlam. episode "Timeless!", the background is black and there's a copyright notice below. The fly buzzing noise is absent. This is the only episode of the show that used this logo, as it usually used the 21st logo.

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