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When she tells him off, he initially doesn't believe her, and Faye realizes that her constant sarcasm has "set an unfortunate precedent". Angus also calls out Faye for making jokes at his friend Marigold's expense. The web-comic Fans. featured a murder investigation involving a crossword puzzle convention. When crossword fan Hilda makes a comment about the case while putting on her glasses, Marc shouts "YEEAAAAAHH!", a la the Roger Daltrey shriek from "Won't Get Fooled Again" in CSI: Miami.

On March 13, 2015, more than 20 media companies attended that day8217;s press conference in Shanghai Marriott Hotel, including Chinese online media Sina and Sohu Video, TV media Xin Yu Le Zai Xian (), and several famous video platforms such as Youku, Tudou and iQiYI. Concert Set List. - OST Medley: You Are So Beautiful (Foolish Heart) (I Love You) -(In The Time That I Loved You) (Love Is Like A Snowflake) - License To Love.]