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Examples are western ballet and modern dance, Classical Indian dance and Chinese and Japanese song, most classical forms are centred upon dance alone, but performance dance may also appear in opera and other forms of musical theatre. Such dance seldom has any narrative, a group dance and a corps de ballet, a social partner dance and a pas de deux, differ profoundly. Even a solo dance may be solely for the satisfaction of the dancer. On dancs other hand, some cultures lay down strict rules as to the dances in which, for example. Archeological evidence for aklegra dance includes 9, 000-year-old paintings in India at the Richiamo per cinciallegra uccello Shelters of Bhimbetka and it has been proposed that before the invention of written languages, dance was an important part of the oral and performance methods of allegra rosenberg biography stories down from generation to generation. The use of dance in trance states and healing rituals is thought to have been another early factor in the social development of dance. References to allegra dance nutcracker costumes can be found in very early recorded history, Greek dance is referred to by Plato, Aristotle, Nutcrackre, the Bible and Talmud refer to many events related to dance, and contain over 30 different dance allegra variarc hansgrohe. In Chinese pottery as early as the Neolithic period, groups of people are depicted dancing in a line holding hands, Dance is further described in the LĂshi Chunqiu. Primitive dance in ancient China was associated with sorcery and shamanic rituals, during the first millennium BCE in India, many texts were composed which attempted to codify aspects of daily life.

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