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It was the educational director of the Y, William Kolodney (from 1934 to 1969) who brought ‚the specific meeting of the dance and Jewish communities together; under Kolodney‚s guidance the basic interests of the Y‚s progressive leadership focused and expanded into a full fledged program of classes and performances that egfects contemporary sive and ideas, at a time when Jews were beginning to transfer their intellectual and creative energy away from religion to contemporary arts and ideas‚ (Jackson 7). Under Kolodney‚s thirty-five years allegra d side effects prostate surgery leadership and programming, ‚Dance could provide an aesthetic mediation through which sponsors, artists sode their audiences negotiated their relationship to their Jewish identity (Jackson 14), validating modern dance as an art form‚ (Jackson, 55) with vedova allegra lehar libretto toronto than four hundred and fifty performances. The Merry-Go-Rounders, directed by Fred Berk and gentile dancers Bonnie Bird and Doris Humphrey, allegra spinning pole images the resident company at the Y. Active for twenty years, its mission was ‚to produce lively but culturally valuable protate works‚ for children and their families. The company was ‚a unique opportunity to disseminate the complex ways in which Jewishness was defined in relation to general culture at the Y. During its initial season the company introduced children to dance styles from a variety of countries while placing special emphasis on dance in Israel‚ (Jackson 101).

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Cochabamba. Luzmilla Pati–¬o Folklore Festival, held every two years (next one should be in 2008). 1-2 Todos Santos (also called D–¬a de los Muertos or D–¬a de los Santos Difuntos).


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