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The same year, the company debuted five-member boy group TVXQ, the following years saw the debuts of artists such as TRAX, The Grace, and Super Junior. In 2005, Kim Young-min became the companys third CEO, under whom several artists debuted with a view to promoting outside of South Korea. Artists debuting under S.

Disserta√√o (Mestrado em Ci√ncias Farmac√uticas) - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. BORDIGNON, S. ; RITTER, M. ; EGGERS, L. O g√nero Pterocaulon Ell.

With Guarini, Tasso, Marino, and Guidiccioni, Paoli was a member of the Accademia degli Umoristi under the patronage of Francesco Barberini, an accademico of Cardinal Maurizio of Savoy‚s Accademia dei desiosi, and also a socio of a private academy that included the oratorio librettist Francesco Balducci. In addition to the academicians of the Umoristi, Paoli‚s wide circle of cultivated friends included Guido Reni, Bernini, and the highest ecclesiastics. Ottavio Leoni included Paoli in a series of engravings made from his portrait drawings in which his companions included Francesco and Antonio Barberini, Giovanni Ciampoli, Galileo, Marini, and Paolo Quagliati. [11] In 1631 the poet Antonio Abati dedicated to Paoli Il Forno (Naples: Francesco Savio), a small volume of poems on the recent eruption of Vesuvius.]