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[55] Born: Greg Jelks, American baseball player, in Cherokee, Alabama Christian Okoye, Nigerian-born American football running back, in Enugu Angela Smith, British ajandekbolt allegra, in Grimsby Died: Ferdinand Smith, 68, Jamaican-born black Communist, who served as the National Secretary of the U. National Maritime Union from 1939 to 1951. Smith died ten years and one day after leaving the U. on August 15, 1951 under threat of deportation. [56] August 17, 1961 (Thursday) [ edit ] The Alliance for Progress (Alianza para el Progreso), an economic development program of 20 billion in United States aid to Central and South America, was created as all members of the Organization of American States except for Cuba, signed the hotel allegra livigno facebook sign charter at a meeting in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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Scare Factor: None. (June 9, 1998-July 25, 2006) Nicknames: "Nickelodeon Crown" Logo: On a black background, a 3D crown Nickelodeon logo is seen. Copyright is shown below. FXSFX: None except for the crown spinning on the animated variant.

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