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The copyright info is shown below. MusicSounds: The ending theme. Availability: Near extinction. It appeared on 1994 episodes of Doug. However, most episodes from that time have this logo plastered over by the 3D Nick "Lightbulb" on television and the NAS "Haypile" on VHS. At least one 1994 Doug episode or tape may have it, though. Scare Factor: None. Nickname: "Nickelodeon Balloon Dog" Logo: On a black background, we see an orangehot-dog-shaped balloon inflating.

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The key is to match similar color and length coats and faux fur to give a seamless look. You can easily layer the vest under or over the coat 8211; one or the other as you wander in and out of the cold. My skirt is Alice and Olivia (a few are up on theoutnet.

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